BDSM Shop in Australia

Welcome to our website! Unfortunately is still under development but we should be up and running in a few months. Please do check back with us again. Once it is launched, this website aims to become a one stop online BDSM store in Australia when it comes to leather bondage and BDSM gear.

Our goal is to create a convenient and reputable source online for leather bondage gear no matter your taste and wherever you are in the country. We have our own factory in Sydney Australia and we’ll be making good use of this website to make quality BDSM gear available and accessible to all!

From fetish leather wear, harnesses and collars to dildos and cock balls, we’ll certainly have it all! Our BDSM store have been supplying the demand for bondage sadism and masochism products in Australia for well over 20 years and we aim to move the bulk of our business online once we’ve completed this website.

Visit us again in a few months as we strive to get this website online as quickly as possible. In the mean time, you can check out Sax Leather BDSM shop for anything that you currently need.